With Kinder Morgan Treating, you have access to the most extensive fleet of processing and treating equipment in the industry – which includes stabilizers ranging in size from 20 BBLs/day to 25,000 BBLs/day.
To reduce the volatility and promote liquid recovery, hydrocarbon liquids may be passed through a stabilizer that effectively manages the flash of the product. This allows the volatile light ends to make their way up the stabilizer to recompress into the gas sales pipeline or the front of a gas processing facility. Meanwhile, heavy hydrocarbons in the stable product are sent to storage tanks or the liquid sales pipeline.
Kinder Morgan Treating designs and manufactures stabilizers that reduce the vapor pressure of our customer’s oil, condensate or NGL product. Our stabilizers can ensure that your production meets pipeline or other transportation specifications.

Condensate Stabilization

Some key features of Kinder Morgan's stabilizers include:
  • 20 – 25,000 BBLs/day capacity
  • Multiple column sizes available
  • Electric, TEG, or Hot Oil Heat Mediums available
  • Skid mounted for easy installation
  • Lease and purchase options available
Our team simulates the specific process to combine the right-sized column and boiler for our customer’s application, potentially saving on installation cost and fuel.