Kinder Morgan Treating

Kinder Morgan Treating is a leading manufacturer and the largest provider of contract operated natural gas treating plants in the United States. We design and build treating and processing plants to ensure that natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons conform to sales pipeline specifications and downstream markets. Our mission is to provide the optimal solution to keep your hydrocarbons flowing.

Kinder Morgan Treating operates three shops in Texas, including an ASME Code, ISO 9001 certified fabrication facility in Odessa, an ASME Code facility in Tyler, and a refurbishment yard in Victoria, Texas.

Kinder Morgan Treating is experienced – not only as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), but also as a plant operator. Our staff includes more than 60 plant operators, as well as a deep bench of engineers, electricians, mechanics, and project managers. We provide a full range of customer support, from engineering, through fabrication, including installation, commissioning, operations, and troubleshooting. Our lease plants allow us to offer lead times as short as a couple of weeks, in most cases, using refurbished, already-manufactured equipment.  Many of our plants are mounted on modular skids reducing cost and expediting installation.  

Amine plants for sweetening Glycol plants for dehydration Condensate and natural gas liquids (NGL) stabilizers for vapor pressure reduction JT (Joule Thomson) and MRU (mechanical refrigeration units) for hydrocarbon dewpoint conditioning and NGL yield. Our extensive inventory includes ancillary equipment, such as separators, coolers, and NGL storage tanks. Our mission is to provide the optimal solution to keep your hydrocarbons flowing. 

We have years of experience in every region of the United States, the Gulf of Mexico and abroad.  Whether you’re building a gathering system, expanding existing assets, or meeting a short-term need at the wellhead, Kinder Morgan Treating is uniquely capable of supporting you.  


  • Customer Service
  • Operations Support
  • Dedicated Startup Assistance
  • Drafting, Design & Development
  • Engineering Consulting Solutions

Quality Managment

  • Data Visualization Dashboards
  • Tracking Real-time Objectives
  • Established Written Procedures
  • Increased Product Conformity
  • Process Efficiency Reviews

Lean Manufacturing

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Collaborative Project Tracking
  • 5S System & Visual Management
  • Employee Development & Training


  • ISO 9001:2015  NQA
  • ASME Certificate of Authorization
  • NB Cert - Authorization to Register