Solving for Climate Change and Human Development Starts with a Clear Understanding
of the Facts

All forms of energy will continue to play a critical role in advancing global climate objectives, while also providing billions of people with access to affordable energy. This is a complex problem that cannot be solved with the flip of a switch, and hydrocarbons will remain critical for decades to come. 



Natural gas and petroleum (hydrocarbons) will be a critical energy source for decades. Hydrocarbons are the naturally occuring basis for crude oil, natural gas and other petrochemical products.

Challenges for a low carbon future

Hydrocarbons are needed to build the new infrastructure that supports renewable energies. 

Energy access brings people out of poverty

There are nearly 1 billion people without electricity and up to 2 billion whose electricity is inadequate and unreliable.


Unlike trains and trucks, liquids pipelines use electricity to power most of their pumps to reduce direct GHG emissions while still efficiently and reliably transporting energy products. Liquids pipeline operators are also helping others reduce their emissions by delivering renewable fuels.

Further Reading

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