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In compliance with our Integrity Management Program, Kinder Morgan maintains a list of High Consequence Areas (HCAs) near our pipeline.

Liquids pipeline HCAs are typically identified by the pipeline location in relation to sensitive environmental areas, waterways and animal habitats.

A natural gas pipeline HCA, is an area where a large number of people gather at a given moment or during a specific time frame and would be affected by a leak or damage due to the proximity to the pipeline or limited mobility.

We enlist the assistance of emergency officials to identify potential HCAs near our natural gas pipelines.

When identifying a site as a potential HCA one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • An outside area that is occupied by twenty (20) or more persons on at least fifty (50) days in any twelve (12) months (the days need not be consecutive). Examples include playgrounds, recreational facilities, camping grounds, outdoor theatres, stadiums, recreational areas near a body of water or areas outside a rural building such as a religious facility.
  • A building that is occupied by twenty (20) or more persons on at least five (5) days a week for ten (10) weeks in any twelve month period. The days and weeks need not be consecutive. Examples include religious facilities, office buildings, community centers, general stores, 4-H facilities or bowling alleys.
  • A facility occupied by persons who are confined, are of impaired mobility, or would be difficult to evacuate. Examples include hospitals, prisons, schools, day-care facilities, retirement facilities or assisted-living facilities.

If you have a Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline in your community and know of locations in your community that meet the criteria listed above, please submit names and addresses using the following link.

Submit Identified Site Information