Locating Pipelines

Pipeline markers should never be used to identify the location of a pipeline before excavating. Always call 811.

Laws vary slightly from state to state, but in general, excavators are required by law to call 811 or their local One-Call Center at least two working days before starting an excavation project to have all utility lines on or near the job site identified and marked.

One-Call is a free service and prevents accidents and injury. Once pipelines are marked, respect the marks and dig carefully in the proximity of the pipeline.

For large excavation projects, a Kinder Morgan field representative will be at the job site while you work near our pipeline to monitor excavation activity.

Pipeline markers are located along the pipeline route, at road and railroad crossings and at all aboveground facilities. They identify the area but not the exact location or depth of the pipeline. Markers specify the type of product transported, the operator’s name and an emergency contact number.