Making a difference One Tree at a Time

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023

You may ask yourself, so what do trees and pipeline companies have in common? In this case, it’s the beautification of our natural environment.


Kinder Morgan is proud to be an ongoing supporter of greening efforts in Tucson, like Mayor Regina Romero’s Tucson Million Trees (TMT) initiative. The program is working to drastically increase urban shade in heat vulnerable communities across Tucson.

The Tucson Million Trees initiative is led by the Mayor's Office, in partnership with Tucson Clean & Beautiful (TCB), a Tucson non-profit working to care for the desert environment in a cost-effective and socially responsible manner. Kinder Morgan is a long-time supporter of TCB’s Trees for Tucson program. The program plants trees in Tucson to increase shade, mitigate extreme heat, absorb carbon dioxide, and improve the environment. Trees for Tucson is the on-the-ground branch of the Tucson Million Trees initiative, a part of the City's Climate Action and Adaption Plan. In the past three years, the Tucson Million Trees program has planted or distributed over 80,000 shade trees in the Tucson metro area and has raised nearly $900,000 primarily through contributions from private sector partners. 

“Kinder Morgan has been an incredible partner in our mission to transform Tucson into a green and resilient City,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “Their support, dating back to 2017, has empowered our on-the-ground partners at Tucson Clean and Beautiful and now, my Tucson Million Trees initiative. Together we are planting the trees that will cool and bring shade to communities that need it most,” added the Mayor.    

Since 2017, contributions from Kinder Morgan have resulted in the planting of approximately 3,000 trees in the Tucson metropolitan area.  These trees sequester CO2, helping to offset CO2 in the atmosphere.  

Kinder Morgan is proud to partner with programs like Trees for Tucson. We look forward to continuing to support the great work they are doing for years to come.
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