Kinder Morgan's Commitment to Environmental Justice

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2024

In today's world, environmental concerns have become increasingly significant, particularly for businesses with substantial environmental footprints, such as infrastructure companies in the oil and gas industry. Environmental Justice (EJ), defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as the just treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, regardless of income, race, color, national origin, Tribal affiliation, or disability in agency decision-making and other federal activities, is a critical consideration that pipeline companies cannot afford to overlook. 

As stewards of vital infrastructure, pipeline companies must recognize the importance of EJ not only for ethical reasons but also for long-term sustainability, regulatory compliance, community relations and risk mitigation.

An EJ community is generally identified through criteria established by federal or state agencies. These agencies are routinely updating their requirements to address EJ challenges in communities, and Kinder Morgan actively monitors new developments to stay current on expectations for upcoming projects.

At Kinder Morgan, we have a dedicated group that focuses on environmental permitting and stakeholder outreach for projects in various stages of development. This group is responsible for identifying EJ communities that may be affected by Kinder Morgan’s existing assets and proposed projects, and they coordinate with project teams to develop appropriate outreach strategies and community engagement plans. We have a long history of working productively with our communities, and the work we do to understand concerns and create opportunities to enhance these communities extends to all socioeconomic neighborhoods and demographics.  

Many of Kinder Morgan’s existing assets are located within EJ communities, and many of our current and proposed projects are also in or near EJ communities. For proposed projects, our Project Permitting group uses various agency tools to aid in identifying EJ communities along project facility sites or pipeline routes. Once the EJ communities are identified, we coordinate with project teams to strategize on the appropriate EJ communication and community outreach that is suitable for the scope of the project. Some of these activities include town hall meetings, engagement through civic organizations, direct mail pieces and project websites to keep residents informed and up to date on our project plans. Each plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of each community, and we focus on two-way communication to better understand any issues or concerns within the communities.  

“At Kinder Morgan, we are excited about our efforts to enhance our EJ engagement programs overall,” said KMI Director of Project Permitting Gina Dorsey. “We recognize the importance of EJ communities and strive to ensure fair treatment and meaningful engagement. This is a key consideration in the way Kinder Morgan operates.”
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