Keeping Communities Safe: Kinder Morgan's Damage Prevention Program

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Pipelines are the safest way to transport products that supply the energy needs of our country, including natural gas, carbon dioxide and petroleum liquids. The public relies on the continuous operation of Kinder Morgan’s vast pipeline network, yet they generally have no interaction with our assets.


Many pipelines were initially built in rural, undeveloped and sparsely populated areas. As communities grow, there has been encroachment of new homes, buildings, and other structures on these formerly open areas, increasing the risk of external force damage to our underground pipelines. Industry groups and individual operators, like Kinder Morgan, work closely with community and government leaders to implement pipeline protection programs and raise awareness about how development can safely occur around our rights-of-way with proper coordination and consultation.

The national one-call number, 811, is a tool that helps protect underground utility operators and any individual or company who plans excavation anywhere in the country. Given appropriate notice and a specific excavation location, a call to 811 triggers notification to underground utility operators resulting in either clearance of the dig location or locating/marking of lines that may be impacted by the planned work. Public works crews, farmers, excavation contractors and homeowners should actively participate in excavation safety to ensure that consequences of unintended line strikes never happen.

Third-party line strikes are the leading cause of pipeline emergencies. The Common Ground Alliance's (CGA) Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) shows that 69% of farmers’ and 63% of homeowners’ damage to underground utilities is because they didn’t call to locate the lines before digging. Striking a utility line can be dangerous and costly. It's important to always follow local laws to prevent damage, no matter how experienced you are. 

Kinder Morgan values safety and has established a comprehensive Damage Prevention program. Our team of Damage Prevention professionals are charged with protecting our pipelines from third-party excavation damage by responding to one-call ticket requests, locating and marking our pipelines, monitoring aerial patrol reports and patrolling our lines for unauthorized encroachment activity. We also engage with our community by meeting with emergency responders in the area, serving on Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) and participating in annual meetings with excavators in their areas to promote safe digging practices.

Kinder Morgan damage prevention personnel work every day to ensure the safety and integrity of our pipeline assets. They are available to answer any pipeline safety requests homeowners, excavators, emergency responders and public officials may have. If you have a question or would like more information on our damage prevention program or want to be put into contact with the Damage Prevention Supervisor in your area, please fill out the form found at or call 713-420-5111.
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