Gulf LNG - Existing Import Terminal

Gulf LNG Energy, LLC (GLE) owns the Gulf LNG Terminal, an LNG unloading, storage and regasification facility located near the City of Pascagoula in Jackson County, Mississippi.   The terminal, which includes a 5-mile sendout pipeline, is located at the end of State Highway 611 and is situated adjacent to the federally maintained Bayou Casotte Navigation Channel.

The terminal has a single dock facility that is currently permitted to receive up to 170,000 cubic meter LNG vessels and designed to handle vessels with capacities of up to 250,000 cubic meters. As part of the liquefaction project, the permitted limit will be increased to 208,000 cubic meters.

The dock facility is outfitted with four 16-inch full-bore cryogenic arms, three that are dedicated to liquid service and one for vapor service. The liquid arms tie to a 36-inch header feeding a single line that goes directly to two LNG storage tanks. The vapor arm ties to a 16-inch line that goes directly to the terminal’s compressor facilities.

The two LNG storage tanks are full containment tanks, each with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters. Each tank is outfitted with three in-tank pumps with a total unloading capacity of 12,000 cubic meters per hour. The flow of LNG from the in-tank pumps goes to the regasification facilities in the terminal.

The regasification facilities include eight high-pressure cryogenic pumps and ten submerged combustion vaporizers with a total rated sendout capacity of 1.5 Bcf/d.

Compression facilities within the terminal include two centrifugal vapor return blowers, each with a rated capacity of 13 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscf/d), for sending vapor to the ship when unloading LNG and three cryogenic boil-off gas compressors, each with a rated capacity of 12 MMscf/d, and one booster compressor with a rated capacity of 11 MMscf/d and a differential pressure of 1,376 psi for sending boil-off gas to a 36-inch sendout pipeline when the regasification equipment is not in use.

Electrical service for the terminal is provided by Mississippi Power Company via a dedicated 23,000 volt line.  A transformer steps the voltage feed down to 4,160 volts for service to the terminal via a single motor control center. The terminal also has two gas turbine backup generators each having a capacity of over 12 MW.

State-of-the-art fire protection and other hazard detection systems are located throughout the terminal. The terminal is surrounded by a concrete storm surge protection wall that has an elevation of 27 feet above sea level.  Two openings in the wall - one for the main access road and another for dock access - are outfitted with steel doors that can be closed in the event of an approaching tropical system.