Frequently Asked Questions
Royalty Interest Owners
Required documentation for changes in ownership

*Every change in ownership situation is different. Please advise the Kinder Morgan Division Order Department/Royalty Owner Relations of all pending changes as soon as possible. In addition to the documents required below, Kinder Morgan may require further documentation.

  1. Deceased Owner
    • With a Probated Will
      • Death Certificate, Last Will and Testament, Letters Testamentary and Order Admitting Will to Probate.
      • With a Will Probated in a different state other than where the property is located, please contact Kinder Morgan Royalty Owner Relations
    • Without a Will
      • Please contact Kinder Morgan Royalty Owner Relations
  2. Transfer into a Trust
    • Provide a copy of the Trust Agreement and a copy of the recorded document conveying interest into the Trust.
  3. Transfer out of a Trust
    • Provide a copy of the Trust Agreement and a copy of the recorded document conveying interest out of the Trust.
                 * Conveying document must be signed by the current Trustee(s).
  4. Trustee Change
    • Copy of the Trust Agreement and copies of any documentation relating to a Successor Trustee required by the Trust Agreement.  Please also provide new contact information for the Trust, if applicable.
  5. Transfer to spouse or children or an unrelated party
    • Conveyance or Deed that is recorded in the county where the property is located.
Where is my royalty check?
Kinder Morgan typically processes royalty checks once a month.  If you have a question or concern regarding your royalty check(s) please contact Royalty Owner Relations.
Unclaimed property
I received an unclaimed property letter from Kinder Morgan. This means that Kinder Morgan has lost contact with you and we are attempting to locate you before escheating property to the state. Please contact Royalty Owner Relations for further information. I would like to claim property found on a State’s Unclaimed Property Division website. Property has already been submitted to the State, please follow instructions to claim property as provided on the website. Contact Royalty Owner Relations to inform Kinder Morgan of your claim. *
I found a stale dated royalty check (older than 6 months)
Mail the original stale dated check, along with a request to re-issue, to the attention of Royalty Owner Relations. All re-issued check balances will be included in your next regularly scheduled check.
What is my owner code?
Your Kinder Morgan owner code is a 6 digit code that starts with a zero, it can be found on the first page of your check detail in the top right hand corner.
How do I request a copy of my check detail?
Kinder Morgan does not have an online link to check detail.  If you would like to request another copy of your remittance statement please call our Owner Relations hotline or email a request to
What is the minimum check write?
In most cases the minimum amount your account must reach to write a check is $100. 
* Minimum check writes vary by State, please contact Royalty Owner Relations for specific minimums.
Federal back-up withholding
Federal Back-up Withholding is not automatically deducted from your check.  If you would like to begin withholding federal taxes from your check, please submit a request in writing to the attention of Royalty Owner Relations.
* Any request for withholding will be deducted at the maximum federal rate.
Do you offer Direct Deposit for royalty payments?
Please fill out and return our Authorization Form to be setup for Direct Deposits or to make changes to your current banking information via email to, fax to 713-230-5675, or mail to the address at the bottom of the form.
Working Interest Owners
Working interest owner related questions & payment addresses
Joint Interest Billing Information
Payments ONLY can be mailed to:

Kinder Morgan Production Company, LLC.
P.O. Box 734035
Dallas, TX 75373-4035

Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, LP
P.O. Box 734026
Dallas, Texas 75373-4026

For any Working Interest Owner JIB Questions please call 1-800-247-4122 or email us at