David Michels in The Wall Street Journal

For Kinder Morgan, a higher tax would mean lower stock prices are needed at the time of share repurchases, Chief Financial Officer David Michels recently told the The Wall Street Journal. “We only really consider share repurchases when we have an attractive repurchase price,” the CFO said. At 1%, the excise tax is a consideration, but not a very large part of any decision on buybacks, according to Michels. 

Steve Kean on Bloomberg

Kinder Morgan CEO Steve Kean recently sat down with Bloomberg for a TV interview. He emphasized how we are aligning our efforts with the energy transition by increasing our natural gas transport and liquefied natural gas expansion plans to support growing domestic and international demand.

Kimberly Watson Speaks at FERC Forum

Kimberly Watson, Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines President, recently spoke at a meeting held by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in early September where she asked regulators to support the buildout of new infrastructure to both reduce dependence on imported liquefied natural gas while continuing to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Kinder Morgan Named One of America’s Best Employers for Veterans

Kinder Morgan was recently named one of America’s best employers for veterans by Forbes.