A world-class manufacturing plant uses a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) system for peak shaving – in addition to their pipeline natural gas connection – to mitigate high energy costs during times of peak demand.

In mid-December 2018, the interstate pipeline that serves this plant experienced an unplanned disruption and could not supply adequate gas. The plant required an immediate and reliable supply of gas, so they turned to the on-site LNG system that was originally intended for peak shaving. The initial design of this system provided only a few days’ supply, so the plant needed to source additional LNG from Kinetrex Energy, which is 380 miles away in Indianapolis, IN. The plant would rely upon LNG to prevent shutdown for the duration of the pipeline disruption.

  • Unplanned pipeline disruption
  • Time sensitive situation
  • Distance of supply source

A reliable energy supply is critical for manufacturers. Industrial operations can experience unexpected fuel shortages that threaten production. Clients depend on energy companies for an adequate and reliable fuel source to ensure their plants remain operational.

  • 41 LNG loads delivered over 9 days
  • Safely transported over 380 miles away
  • No gas interruptions to facility


Due to the swift response by Kinetrex Energy, dependable and uninterrupted gas service was provided to the plant. Kinetrex delivered 41 loads (840 Dth per load) over 380 miles one-way in just 9 days. More importantly, the fuel supply was transported safely. LNG has the best safety record compared to propane, fuel oil and diesel. As a liquid, LNG will not explode and evaporates if spilled.

Whether you require natural gas for peak shaving, planned interruptions of service, or rapid response to unexpected interruptions, Kinetrex Energy can help ensure that your operations are supplied safe, reliable natural gas.


Kinetrex Energy received a call from the company immediately after the pipeline disruption, the company now required significant additional LNG supply. Kinetrex is the largest LNG manufacturer in the Midwest with 24 million LNG gallons of storage capacity and two LNG manufacturing plants.

The Kinetrex logistics team responded rapidly to the emergency situation, initiating LNG transportation to meet the plant’s supply needs. This emergency happened mid-December, when there is typically a shortage of trucks and drivers, so Kinetrex coordinated deliveries with multiple transportation partners. Kinetrex has 4 truck loading stations operating 24/7 that can load 96 trucks each day.

  • Supply source of 24 million LNG gallons
  • Four LNG loading stations running 24/7
  • Turnkey logistics support

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