Kinder Morgan is the only Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) company in the Midwest. If you are currently using diesel fuel, propane, waste oil or coal, we’ll help you switch to LNG) which will reduce and stabilize your energy costs along with reducing emissions.




Current EPA exhaust emission standards for marine diesel engines are driving natural gas-powered adoption. LNG can be easily used for marine satellite storage, filling stations and onboard fueling systems. Below deck or above deck tanks, vaporizers, cold boxes and pipelines can be utilized. Making the transition to LNG has already proven successful in Europe, and it is being adopted globally with Tote and Carnival Cruise ships among the early adopters in the United States. Kinetrex has the tools and experience to help transition your fleet to LNG.


With the typical drilling rig fuel usage ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 diesel gallons per day, operators need a reliable, economical and sustainable fuel supply. LNG is the answer. Due to stability in pricing, LNG offers the ability to budget for the long term compared to the volatility of diesel pricing. LNG can provide significant cost savings over unstable diesel prices. Natural gas is also abundant and has a lower methane intensity, which further benefits your operations. Kinetrex is here to help your rig make the transition to LNG through a primary pipeline supply or a mobile unit for temporary backup.


24,000 locomotives consume approximately 4 billion gallons of diesel per year. Over 20 years ago, Chart pioneered LNG solutions to provide natural gas to fuel long-haul locomotives and yard switch engines. Alaska Rail hauled its first LNG cargo in September 2016 and major rail companies are reinitiating field trials. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is in the process of approving transport of LNG and LNG tender car regulations.

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