Midwest LNG Supplier keeps Customers Warm on Subzero Day

Posted on Sunday, February 3, 2019


INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Kinetrex Energy, the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Midwest, continues to keep customers warm even on subzero days. Unlike other cities where customers have been urged to conserve natural gas, Kinetrex has a plentiful supply of LNG that can be turned back into natural gas and pushed into the distribution system for commercial and residential usage.

“The importance of keeping customers warm cannot be underestimated, especially during weeks like this one when temperatures drop below zero for several days in a row,” said Aaron Johnson, CEO of Kinetrex Energy. “Thursday, gas customers throughout the Midwest were asked to turn down their thermostats to 65 degrees due the risk of natural gas shortages. Fortunately, our utility and industrial customers in states such as Ohio, West Virginia and right here in Indianapolis did not have these issues as our LNG was used and available to supplement pipeline natural gas supplies as needed.”

Kinetrex operates two significant LNG production facilities located in Indianapolis, with 2 billion cubic feet of cryogenic storage capacity. As part of the liquefaction process, Kinetrex converts natural gas to its liquid form through a complex series of steps which involve compressing, cooling and condensing methane to -265°F (-160°C). Kinetrex sells natural gas, renewable natural gas and liquefied natural gas to transportation, agricultural, industrial and utility customers throughout the Midwest.

In addition, Kinetrex can move LNG by tanker truck outside Indianapolis to other locations. Once there, the LNG is turned back into natural gas. Kinetrex can economically ship LNG to locations across the eastern seaboard and as far west as Denver, Colorado.

“Kinetrex’s ability to take natural gas wherever it needs to go gives us the ability to transport it to other states in case of natural gas shortages,” said Johnson.

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