Hypothetical LNG Bridging Service

Posted on Saturday, June 6, 2020


  • Industrial customer wants to increase consumption 450 DTH per day on the edge of the utilities distribution system.
  • It will take the Utility one year to engineer the system improvements, and one year to build (two years in total).
  • Customer is frustrated because plant improvements can be made in six months, thus their growth is delayed eighteen months.


  • SRS LNG systems mobile regasification unit and storage installed at the customer site within a 30 x 50 sq. ft with no civil work required.
LNG SSRS Systems
  • Customer App monitors hourly flow, storage levels, and anticipated delivery dates of LNG.
Kinetrex Mobile App
  • LNG cost is passed through utility GCA.


  • 900 DTH per day supplied to the customer between the utility and LNG satisfying the customers full demand.
  • Utility receives base charge of $4.00 per DTH on incremental gas supplied by LNG:

$1M in base rates paid to the Utility over 18 months.

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