How Liquefied Natural Gas Helps Organizations Improve Business Continuity and Resiliency

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Using Liquefied Natural Gas Backup Systems Can Reduce Risk and Avoid Potential Financial Losses

Keeping your organization operating is critical to its success. Especially for organizations like utilities and hospitals, mitigating any downtime is crucial to providing the essential services that communities need. When surveyed, 77% of risk leaders believed that complex, interconnected new risks are emerging at a more rapid pace than ever before.[Accenture] Kinetrex Energy, a Kinder Morgan company, specializes in supporting organizations with liquefied natural gas (LNG) backup and storage to mitigate these potential risks and provide critical equipment that will continuously operate and provide a resilient solution for powering your organization.

Liquefied Natural Gas: Delivering Reliability and Flexibility

LNG backup systems can provide support for your system in the event of seasonal natural gas shortages or lack of pipeline capacity. In these instances, organizations may be forced to limit production or rely on backup and supplemental energy sources. Diesel, propane and fuel oil generators are commonly used in these scenarios, but can present economic and firm supply challenges. As an alternative, organizations can leverage LNG as their primary and secondary energy source to experience greater dependability.

Using LNG as your secondary fuel source is both an affordable and convenient option. If your site is already using natural gas, LNG is a very simple backup fuel option. With an LNG storage system, organizations can have a reliable and turnkey solution in place that can meet dynamic situations. 

Mitigate Risk & Disruptions with Liquefied Natural Gas

Kinetrex Energy is an integrated leading LNG provider that liquefies, transports and stores LNG for you. Our LNG plants have 2 billion cubic feet of storage capacity and are connected to four interstate pipelines - Rockies Express Pipeline, Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line, Texas Gas Transmission and Midwestern Gas Transmission - allowing for maximum supply and reliability. Combined with our loading stations and dedicated LNG transportation services, our integrated solutions deliver 24/7 ensuring ample energy where you need it, when you need it.

Whether you need a mobile LNG or permanent LNG storage and regasification system, we’ll work closely with you to engineer an LNG solution that’s tailored to your organization and specific energy needs. Ready to learn more about enhancing your business continuity plan with liquefied natural gas? Connect with us

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