Renewable natural gas (RNG) is one of the most cost-effective methods for reducing Scope 1 emissions. We make it easy to take advantage of this low-carbon fuel by managing the entire RNG process for you, ensuring cost efficiency regardless of whether the RNG is used to fuel vehicles, operate a utility or for other energy needs across your organization. Our solutions are simple, proven and reliable, and we continue to invest in RNG expansion and innovation.


Transportation Fuel

Converting from diesel to RNG can significantly reduce your carbon emissions. Whether you operate compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas fleets, RNG enables youto deliver the goods in a more sustainable way.

Natural Gas

Wherever you use conventional natural gas across your business, you can transition to RNG. From heating and cooling to running boilers and powering your manufacturing process, RNG is a turnkey solution to moving your environmental goals forward.


Turnkey Renewable Energy

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Minimizing Landfill Odors with an RNG Project

Landfills provide an essential service and play a key role in providing a positive quality of life to the communities they serve. However, if a landfill is not optimally managed, landfill odor issues can overshadow the benefits that the landfill provides. Odor complaints can lead to negative consequences...

Introducing Prairie View RNG

We are proud to announce the expansion of our renewable natural gas (RNG) portfolio with the addition of Prairie View RNG, which began commercial in-service on December 20, 2023. This newest RNG plant in Wyatt, Indiana, is designed to capture and upgrade landfill gas from the Prairie View Landfill....

Kinder Morgan RNG’s 2023 Year in Review

Both Kinder Morgan RNG and the renewable natural gas (RNG) industry had an exciting 2023. From new project developments and a rebranding to regulatory shifts and technological advancements, we’ve continued to experience how dynamic the RNG industry can be.  As the world continues to increase its focus...
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