Celebrating the First Year of Kinetrex Energy, a Kinder Morgan Company

Posted on Monday, August 22, 2022
In August 2021, Kinder Morgan closed on its acquisition of Kinetrex Energy and jumpstarted its Energy Transition Ventures (ETV) group with one of the fastest growing renewable natural gas (RNG) developers in the country.  

Energy Transition Ventures
In March 2021, Kinder Morgan announced the formation of the ETV group to identify, analyze and pursue commercial opportunities emerging from the low-carbon energy transition. While a new and evolving frontier, the ETV group stays true to the Kinder Morgan ethos by remaining disciplined and focusing on assets that drive attractive returns. Under that mindset, Kinder Morgan pursued Kinetrex - an asset that complements and integrates well with Kinder Morgan, and that provides a differentiated platform to support and scale future growth.

Kinetrex Energy: A Beginning in Liquefied Natural Gas
Originally founded in 2013, Kinetrex established itself as the leading provider of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Midwest by serving diverse industries including transportation, asphalt, agriculture, utilities and industrial. With two LNG plants in Indianapolis, IN, Kinetrex can liquefy approximately 250,000 gallons of LNG per day and leverage its 2 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of storage capacity.

Renewable Natural Gas: Addressing the Growing Need for More Sustainable Energy
Kinetrex Energy added renewable natural gas (RNG) development to its capabilities in June 2019 and broke ground on the largest RNG plant in Indiana, Indy High BTU1. The plant began operations a year later, transforming the future of the company.

With Kinetrex’s unique, vertically integrated platform and unmatched ability to execute, combined with Kinder Morgan’s size, scale and financial stability, the company began to rapidly expand its RNG operations after the acquisition in August 2021. 

Construction on three RNG plants in Indiana commenced in 2022. The company also completed the acquisitions of Mas CanAm and North American Natural Resources, Inc. (NANR) and its sister companies, North American Biofuels, LLC and North American-Central, LLC. Collectively, these projects will grow the RNG portfolio to produce approximately 7.7 Bcf upon completion of the current projects. Additionally, these assets further diversified the renewable portfolio to encompass landfill renewable natural gas, electricity generation and medium-Btu gas.

Enabling Energy Transition & Moving Renewable Natural Gas Forward
As the importance of reducing emissions and leveraging more sustainable energy solutions becomes more critical, we are proud to be a driving force in enabling organizations with their energy transition. We look forward to continue actualizing our vision of “delivering energy to improve lives and create a better world” and to further advance our position as a leader in RNG development and turnkey RNG solutions.

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