Elba Liquefaction Project & EEC Modification Project

Elba Liquefaction Company, L.L.C. (ELC) and Southern LNG Company, L.L.C. (SLNG) are proposing a two-phased project to be called the Elba Liquefaction Project, which will add liquefaction and export capability to SLNG’s existing liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal located at Elba Island in Chatham County, Georgia (Elba Terminal). The name of this proposed project is the Elba Liquefaction Project.

ELC is a Delaware limited liability company formed by Southern Liquefaction Company, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and a unit of Kinder Morgan.

On July 15, 2015, Kinder Morgan and Shell announced that they have reached an agreement for Kinder Morgan to purchase 100 percent of Shell’s equity interest in Elba Liquefaction Company, LLC (ELC). Prior to the announcement, Kinder Morgan owned 51 percent of the ELC joint venture and Shell owned the remaining 49 percent. Shell continues to subscribe to 100 percent of the liquefaction capacity.

Permitting continues for the proposed Project, which consists of 10 small-scale liquefaction units purchased from Shell. They will be integrated with the existing Elba Island facility and enable rapid construction compared to traditional large-scale plants. The next step in the regulatory approval process is for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to issue a draft environmental assessment.

Subject to regulatory approvals, the first of 10 liquefaction units is expected to be placed in service in the first quarter of 2018, with the remaining nine units coming online before the end of 2018.

In 2012, the project received authorization from the Department of Energy to export to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) countries. An application to export to non-FTA countries is pending. Under full development, the Elba Liquefaction Project is expected to have a total capacity of approximately 2.5 million tonnes per year of LNG for export, which is equivalent to approximately 350,000 Mcf per day of natural gas.

The project was first announced in January 2013 by Southern Liquefaction Company, LLC, a unit of Kinder Morgan, and Shell to add liquefaction and export capability to Southern LNG Company, L.L.C.’s existing liquefied natural gas regasification terminal at Elba Island in Chatham County, Georgia.

Project Technology - MMLS

Moveable Modular Liquefaction System (MMLS)
  • Innovative and flexible small-scale liquefaction plant, that cools natural gas to the point that it becomes a liquid-commonly known as liquefied natural gas or LNG.
  • Stringent safety standards and assurance processes.
  • Multiple controls throughout design, permitting, construction and on-going operations.
  • MMLS combines Shell's tradition of innovation and technology advances with design flexibility that enables construction within the existing site at Elba Island plant.