Protecting Pipelines & Your Land

Farm and ranch equipment is a common cause of pipeline leaks and ruptures and can cause loss of life and property.

Examples of farm activities that can endanger pipelines include:

  • chisel plowing
  • deep ripping
  • sub-soiling
  • creek maintenance
  • cleaning out drainage ditches
  • building waterways
  • tree and stump removal
  • setting posts
  • terrace projects
  • drain tile installation

Never guess where a pipeline is located or how deep it is below the surface of the ground. Even if you know the general location of the pipeline, the ground above may have changed, exposing the pipeline to damage during excavation activities.

Always call your local One-Call center at 811 and request to have pipelines and underground utilities marked at least two or three working days before you plow, till, terrace, subsoil, install a fence or initiate any deep excavation activity. Refer to your state-specific One-Call laws for more information.

One-Call is a free service and may or may not require a pipeline representative to visit you at your farm or ranch.  If a visit is required, a Kinder Morgan field representative will contact you.

Once pipelines are marked, carefully hand dig in the proximity of the pipeline.  Do not assume that you know how deep the pipeline is below the surface since erosion and grading can impact the depth of the pipeline.