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Pipeline Emergency Preparedness & Training: Puget Sound Exercise

At Kinder Morgan, we are committed to the safety of the communities where our pipeline systems operate. As part of our robust Emergency Management Program, we have detailed Emergency Response Plans in the unlikely event of an emergency.
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Pipeline Emergency Response Tactics: Effective Crisis Communications during an Incident

In this age of instantaneous electronic communications and social media, effective crisis communications can be almost as important as the steps and actions taken to respond to an emergency.
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Overview of Pipeline Systems: Differences between Liquid Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipelines

Pipelines are the primary and safest means for the transportation of natural gas and liquid petroleum throughout the United States.
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Keeping Pipelines Safe/Practices & Protocols: Building Relationships between Pipeline Personnel and Emergency Responders

With roughly 3 million miles of pipelines in the United States and Canada, it’s important for emergency responders and pipeline personnel alike to be familiar with the product, emergency response procedures, and to develop and maintain relationships with each other.
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Best Practices

“We have held drills at our local compressor station with the aid of the area KM Manager. We learned of the inherent dangers on scene, who to contact, where we can access the station’s water source, working with security, etc.” – Chief Wayne Marx, Sherwood Forest Fire Dept., Williams, AZ

““In NJ we created a safety committee between all of the Natural Gas Distribution companies and the NJ State Division of Fire and Safety to enhance response procedures to natural gas emergencies [and] to enhance our inter-agency cooperation and understanding. I am both a Safety Manager at the Natural Gas company and firefighter in my home town.”

First Responder Training Video Series

Learn how to safely and effectively respond to a pipeline emergency, how pipelines work, how different products impact response, response leading practices, how to better prepare to respond to pipeline incidents and roles in pipeline response. Videos feature interviews with pipeline and emergency response experts, covering a wide variety of emergency response disciplines. Videos available at


NEW Update- A set of WISER tutorial videos can be viewed here and has been released to introduce and demonstrate WISER functionality. The videos can also be found in the training section of the NLM YouTube Channel. They include a dive into the information provided by a known substance as well as a demonstration of WISER's protective distance mapping feature.

NPMS Launches iPhone app for PIMMA

The National Pipeline Mapping System has launched an iPhone app for PIMMA. It can be accessed by searching for "pipeline information" on the App store. You will need your PIMMA username and password to use the PIMMA iPhone app. To access the National Pipeline Mapping System online and locate transmission pipelines in your area, please go to

Did you Know….

811811 is the nationally recognized number to notify utilities of pending excavation activity so that utilities can properly locate underground assets. Locating services are free. Help us spread the word for safety ...Call 811 before you dig!


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First Responder Online Pipeline Training

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