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Pipeline Emergency Preparedness & Training: Tabletop Exercises – A Guide to Designing Effective Simulations

Tabletop exercises are a great opportunity to practice key elements of emergency response and assess preparedness prior to a pipeline emergency.
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Pipeline Emergency Response Tactics: Responding to Natural Gas Escaping Inside a Building

The directional drill crew, rushing to complete a job before rain sets in, didn’t update the one-call notice ticket showing a new excavation location.
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Emergency Responder Spotlight: Madison County EMA’s Preparation for Pipeline Emergencies

While first responders are tasked with responding to a wide variety of events, being called to a suspected pipeline emergency carries its own unique challenges.
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Overview of Pipeline Systems: What’s in the Pipeline? - A Look at Commodities Transported via Pipeline

There are over 2.5 million miles of energy pipelines in the United States. This intricate transportation system is responsible for transporting many important and vital commodities safely throughout our country.
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Best Practices

“We attend the annual Paradigm meetings in Douglas, Ga. as well as attending Pipeline Emergencies Company Officers Tactics.”- Robert Mikell, Ray City Fire Department, Ray City, Ga.

“We have meetings with pipeline personnel, EMA director and sheriff’s dep[artment] so that we are aware of new construction, possible risks, and plans of action for multiple hazardous scenarios.”

““We hold annual tabletop drills and attend local pipeline operator-sponsored training meetings.”- John Waldo, Huntsville Fire Department-EMC, Huntsville, TX.

Kinder Morgan Tabletop Drill Guides and Scenarios

Kinder Morgan has developed step by step guides on how to incorporate tabletop drills into an upcoming training meetings. For Natural Gas click here. For Hazardous Liquids click here.

Potential Hazards Associated with Pipeline Leaks Chart

To view an outline of potential hazards associated with a release of specific products, go to:

Products Kinder Morgan Transports in Each State We Operate

Click here to see which products Kinder Morgan transports via pipeline in your state

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First Responder Training Video Series

Learn how to safely and effectively respond to a pipeline emergency, how pipelines work, how different products impact response, response leading practices, how to better prepare to respond to pipeline incidents and roles in pipeline response. Videos feature interviews with pipeline and emergency response experts, covering a wide variety of emergency response disciplines. Videos available at


WISER 5.3 Update Release Includes:

*Added fourth generation agents substance records and reference material

*Added the ASPIRE decision-aiding tool and PRISM guidelines

*Updated the use and display of data bibliographies

A set of WISER tutorial videos can be viewed here and videos can also be found in the training section of the NLM YouTube Channel.

NPMS iPhone app for PIMMA and Updates

The National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) has iPhone app for PIMMA, can be accessed by searching for "pipeline information" on the App store. New High Population Area (HPA) and Other Population Area (OPA) datasets are now available for download from the Population Data Page.

Did you Know….

811811 is the nationally recognized number to notify utilities of pending excavation activity so that utilities can properly locate underground assets. Locating services are free. Help us spread the word for safety ...Call 811 before you dig!


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