Pipelines provide a safe and efficient way to transport crude oil and petroleum products to consumer markets. An important part of infrastructure that supports our modern way of life, these energy highways ensure that you have energy when you need it: to drive your car, heat your home, or fly to visit your family.

At Kinder Morgan Canada, energy transportation is our business, and safety is our number one priority. We share the value the communities place on safety and the environment, and our goal is to ensure that our pipelines and associated facilities continue to operate safely and reliably. With safety in mind, we use a synthetic approach that focuses on three key areas: integrity management, damage prevention and emergency management.

Integrity Management: We maintain the long-term integrity of our pipelines through regular inspections, maintenance and repair.

Damage Prevention: Our Damage Prevention program serves to protect our pipelines from third-party damage caused by ground disturbance activities.

Emergency Management: We are prepared for an emergency. Our Emergency Management Program is designed to ensure that in the unlikely event of an emergency, we have the plans, equipment and expertise to respond effectively if and when needed.