KM Consideration Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to provide a high level estimation of the consideration and value received by KMP, KMR and EPB holders after the close of KMI's acquisition of all of the public units of KMP and EPB and shares of KMR (acquisition closed on 11/26/2014).

The calculation is only an estimate and should only be used accordingly. This calculation assumes the Mixed Consideration election. The election along with other factors, will influence the ultimate total consideration value. Please refer to the Proxy Statement / Prospectus of KMP / EPB / KMR for important additional information in regard to this transaction. These Proxy Statements / Prospectuses and additional investor resources can be accessed here.

KMI Price at Close of Transaction: $ 
(Value per share of KMI received)

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Acquisition Consideration - Mixed Election (a)KMP KMR EPB TOTAL
   KMI Shares Per Unit or Share 2.1931 2.4849 0.9451  
   Cash Per Unit or Share $ 10.77   $ 4.65  

Consideration Received Based on Mixed Election
   Approximate Total KMI Share Consideration Received (b)
   Approximate Total Cash Consideration Received

Implied Value of Consideration Received Based on Mixed Election  
   Approximate Implied Dollar Value of KMI Shares Received (b,c)
   Approximate Cash Value Received
Approximate Total Implied Value of Shares and Cash Received (b,c)
Approximate Total Implied Value Received Per Unit or Share (b,c)  

Note: figures may not sum due to rounding.
(a) Subject to proration, KMP and EPB unitholders have the option to elect all-cash consideration of $91.72 per KMP unit and $39.53 per EPB unit, or all-stock consideration of 2.4849 KMI shares per KMP unit and 1.0711 KMI shares per EPB unit.
(b) Includes fractional share consideration. KMI did not issue any fractional shares as part of the consideration. In lieu of fractional shares, each holder of KMP or EPB common units who otherwise would have received a fractional share, received a cash payment, without interest, equivalent to such holder's proportionate interest, if any, in proceeds from the sale by the exchange agent (reduced by reasonable and customary fees of the exchange agent attributable to such sale) equal to the aggregate amount of fractional shares of KMI common stock otherwise issuable in the KMP and EPB mergers.
(c) Based on user-assumed price of KMI, at close of transaction.