Environment, Health & Safety - Canada‚Äč

Committed to excellence in the areas of environment, health and safety (EHS), Kinder Morgan Canada (KMC) strives to minimize risk to its employees, contractors, the public and the environment. KMC achieves this by implementing the Integrated Safety and Loss Management System (ISLMS) that focuses on proactive impact prevention and continuous performance improvement.

Kinder Morgan Canada achieves 2 million hours worked safely

Safety As of February 2015, Kinder Morgan Canada employees have worked more than 2 million hours without a lost time incident. "This is a significant achievement," said Hugh Harden, Vice President Operations. "We put a lot of effort into developing and implementing our safety program and I am always encouraged when I see the care and attention our employees take to get the job done safely."

Environmental Initiatives

Replanting at Stoney Creek.We are actively involved in a number of projects aiming to enhance the wildlife habitat within our operating areas. Several of these initiatives received international recognition from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and conservation of wildlife habitat. The certification recognizes active voluntary wildlife habitat management and enhancement programs that provide benefits to native wildlife and augment the biodiversity of an area.