Kinder Morgan Tankers

American Petroleum Tankers (APT) is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Terminals and is engaged in the marine transportation of crude oil, condensate and refined products in the United States domestic trade, commonly referred to as the Jones Act trade.

APT’s current fleet is one of the most modern in the industry and consists of fifteen medium range Jones Act-qualified product tankers, each with 330,000 barrels of cargo capacity. Each of APT’s vessels is operating pursuant to long-term time charters with high quality counterparties, including major integrated oil companies, major refiners and the Military Sealift Command. APT’s vessels are operated by Crowley Maritime Corporation, which was founded in 1892 and is a leading operator and technical manager in the U.S. maritime industry.

APT has an additional medium range Jones Act-qualified product tanker on order and scheduled for delivery in late 2017. This delivery will mark the culmination of a three-year building program resulting in the construction of nine state-of-the-art, fuel efficient tankers. These vessel were constructed at shipyards in Pennsylvania and California creating thousands of quality manufacturing jobs.

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ECO Class Tankers

State Class Tankers

Veteran Class Tankers

American Class Tankers