Emergency Response Planning and Cleanup

Emergency Response Planning and Cleanup
The most critical and responsible emergency respond strategy is to prevent a spill from occurring at all. However, in the case of a spill, Kinder Morgan is prepared to respond quickly with detailed emergency response procedures and trained professionals. We combine careful planning with regular training and mock emergency exercises.

Oil Spill Contingency Plan
Kinder Morgan’s preparedness program starts with developing a well thought out Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) to prepare for and respond to releases. This plan includes, but is not limited to, immediate actions to take for a variety of scenarios, emergency contact information for internal and external stakeholders, available response resources such as equipment and personnel, tools for identifying potential vulnerabilities and tactical control plans for protection of these areas and the implementation of ICS for a sustained operation. The plan is reviewed regularly and updated accordingly.

Hazard Assessment and Risk Assessment
As a critical component of the Emergency Management Program, all pipeline segments within the Kinder Morgan system undergo a comprehensive risk analysis process that is part of the overall Integrity Management Program. The process takes into account data sets, such as topographical information and location of sensitive areas as well as field input and runs them through a risk model. The resulting data set yields a risk ranking that is used for planning efforts. This process is reviewed and updated annually.

Spill Response Resources
Kinder Morgan Utopia Ltd contracts with oil spill response companies to provide equipment and personnel during an emergency. These resources are strategically placed at various locations to respond quickly to any releases, should they occur. A contracted third party spill management team is also available to augment the local response team when deemed necessary. Further, Kinder Morgan Pipelines Canadian Operation (KM Cochin ULC / KM Utopia LTD) is a member of the Western Canada Spill Services (WCSS) cooperative.
Information on resources and locations of available assets are available on their website.