Training and Exercises

Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC ensures employees receive the training necessary to protect themselves, the public, local communities and the environment during an incident. Training is provided to enable employees to perform their designated emergency responsibilities and formal training is reinforced by a program of regular emergency response exercises. Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC makes reasonable efforts to coordinate training and exercising plans with key stakeholders and communities.

There are several types of training available to Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC employees, at a minimum employees receive training on Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC’s Emergency Response Program and Oil Spill Contingency Plan elements.

Response exercises practice the knowledge and skills received in training, identify areas of future training priority and areas to improve current emergency procedures or equipment, and engage with local response communities. Exercises are also an opportunity to share information with first responders and stakeholders to understand each others roles and responsibilities in the unlikely event of an incident.

Response team members participate in exercises each year that are relevant to their individual operations as outlined in the Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC ’s Operations Management System. At a minimum, each Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC operational district participates in one exercise per year which may be a deployment, table top or functional exercise.

The Incident Management Team (IMT) is responsible for implementing the ICS and is required to participate in at least one full scale (all resources deployed) exercise every three years. These exercises test different areas and scenarios and are held in communities Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC operates in with the location changing yearly.

To request participation in an upcoming exercise, or have your community considered as location for an exercise, email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.