Project Overview

Gulf LNG Liquefaction Company, LLC (GLLC), an affiliate of Gulf LNG Energy, LLC (GLE) and Gulf LNG Pipeline, LLC, (GLP) is developing the proposed Gulf LNG Liquefaction Project, which will add liquefaction and export capabilities to the existing Gulf LNG Terminal located in Jackson County, Mississippi.

The proposed project will include the installation of natural gas pre-treatment, liquefaction, and export facilities at the terminal with a total capacity of up to 11.5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA). These facilities would allow the terminal to liquefy domestic natural gas delivered by pipeline, store the LNG in the terminal’s existing LNG storage tanks, and load it into LNG vessels via the terminal’s existing marine jetty. The terminal would retain its current capability to receive, store, regasify, and deliver natural gas into the interstate pipeline system as originally constructed, thereby making the Gulf LNG Terminal bi-directional.

The Gulf LNG Liquefaction Project will be integrated with existing terminal infrastructure to minimize capital investment and project schedule. Other significant advantages of the project include:

  • Abundant and diverse natural gas supply options;
  • Location within a world-class deep water port;
  • Easy access to international shipping lanes;
  • An energy friendly state and supportive community; and
  • Strong and unmatched corporate ownership by Kinder Morgan.

GLLC, GLE, and GLP are each owned by Gulf LNG Holdings Group, LLC, which is owned 50% by Southern Gulf LNG Company, LLC, an indirect subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc. and operator of the Gulf LNG Terminal, and 30% by Thunderbird LNG, LLC (Thunderbird). Thunderbird is partially owned and controlled by GSO Capital Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Blackstone Group, LP. The remaining 20% of Gulf LNG Holdings Group, LLC is owned nearly equally by subsidiaries of Arc Logistics Partners, LP and Lightfoot Capital Partners, LP.