Susquehanna West Project

The fully subscribed $156 million Susquehanna West Project was placed into commercial service on Sept. 1, 2017. The Project transports additional volumes of natural gas to the Susquehanna region of Pennsylvania. It provides 145,000 dekatherms of additional capacity for Statoil Natural Gas LLC. The project, in Tioga County, includes approximately 8.2 miles of new 36-inch pipeline looping on the TGP Line 300 system. Looping involves the installation of additional pipe that is installed adjacent to and connecting with existing pipeline. Also, piping modifications associated with the pipeline loop were made at three existing compressor stations: one in Tioga County and two in Bradford County.

TGP increased compression capacity and modified piping and other equipment at two existing compressor stations in Bradford County. Modifications to the compressor station cooling systems were completed within an existing compressor station in Tioga County. TGP began preliminary planning work on the project in 2014, including site analysis, outreach, surveying, engineering and permitting activities.

TGP began construction of the project in early 2017 and placed the project facilities in service on Sept. 1, 2017.