ACR Project Description

TGP’s Abandonment and Capacity Restoration Project includes the following major components:

  • The abandonment of approximately 964 miles of TGP’s existing 100 and 200 Lines
    • 677 miles of TGP’s 24-inch 100-1 Line from TGP’s Station 40 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, to TGP’s Station 106 in Powell County, Kentucky
    • 77 miles of TGP’s 26-inch 100-3 Line from TGP’s Station 106 in Powell County, Kentucky, to TGP’s Station 200 in Greenup County, Kentucky
    • 210 miles of TGP’s 26-inch 200-3 Line from TGP’s Station 200 in Greenup County, Kentucky, to TGP’s mainline valve 216 in Columbiana County, Ohio, including disconnection of the 200-3 Line from an aerial crossing at either side of the Ohio River at headers.
  • Plans to construct and install new replacement facilities
    • The continuation of TGP’s 100-7 line with the construction of 7.6 miles of new gas pipeline in Carter and Lewis Counties, Kentucky
    • The construction of new mid-point Compressor Stations 202.5, 206.5, 211.5 and 216.5 in Ohio on TGP lines 200-1, 200-2 and 200-4, adding a total of 82,000 horsepower
    • The addition of two Mars 100 compressor units at TGP’s existing Station 110 in Rowan County, Kentucky, adding 32,000 horsepower
    • The addition of a Taurus 70 compressor unit at Station 875, proposed to be constructed by TGP as part of the Broad Run Expansion Project in Madison County, Kentucky; the ACRP will add 10,771 horsepower to proposed Station 875
    • The removal of certain crossovers, taps, valves and miscellaneous pipe and the relocation and/or installation of new taps to complete the physical separation of the abandoned line from TGP’s retained pipelines.

Construction of the replacement facilities will enable TGP to abandon the lines by sale to UMTP, which plans to convert the lines to non-jurisdictional natural gas liquids transportion as a component of the UMTP project.