NGPL- Chicago Market Expansion Project


Project Overview

Increasing gas production from the Utica and Marcellus shale regions, combined with unique access to markets in Chicago and Joliet, Illinois, and northwest Indiana, make NGPL’s Chicago Market Expansion Project (CMEP) the most affordable and economic choice to meet the needs of producers, local distribution companies, marketers and end-use customers. NGPL’s system, with over 5.5 Bcf/day of pipeline and storage deliverability, can provide access to numerous market area delivery points through existing and expansion capacity. 

Phase 1

The first phase of NGPL’s CMEP was placed into service on Nov. 1, 2016. It involved the construction of a new compressor station in Livingston County, Illinois, that increased NGPL’s northbound capacity by 238,000 Dth/d to provide incremental firm transportation service to markets in Chicago and surrounding areas. NGPL executed binding agreements with four customers for incremental firm transportation service on its Gulf Coast mainline system from the Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) interconnection in Moultrie County, Illinois, to points north on NGPL’s pipeline system. The shippers anchoring Phase 1 include local distribution companies and producer and marketing companies. The contracts entered into by these shippers demonstrate the long-term, broad appeal of the project with an average firm transportation term of over 11 years.

Phase 2

In May 2016, NGPL announced it is seeking non-binding solicitations of interest for a second phase of the CMEP. This will entail construction of additional compression facilities at NGPL’s recently completed compressor station in Livingston County, Illinois. Phase 2 of the CMEP will provide for 200,000 Dth/d of incremental firm transportation service to markets in Chicago and surrounding areas.


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