Grant applications may be sent via e-mail and must include:
  1. A short, one-page cover letter signed by an authorized agent.
    (Public and private schools: this letter must be signed by the school principal.)
  2. A proposal narrative of three pages or less with the following information:
    • Legal name of the organization, employer identification number (EIN), address (no post office boxes), telephone number, and name, title and e-mail address of contact person.
    • Amount of request and name of program.
    • History of the organization and its mission.
    • Description of current programs, activities and accomplishments.
    • Statement of need including description of target population and issue(s) to be addressed.
    • Description of the program, how it meets the needs listed above and its geographical reach.
    • Program's goals, objectives and tactics.
    • Timeline for implementation.
    • List of other collaborative agencies and their role in the program to be funded.
    • Expected results of the program, and the tools and methods used to measure success.
  3. Current organization and program budgets.

Please do not:

  • Send CDs, DVDs, annual reports, photos, brochures or other documents not listed above.
  • Bind or staple your application, or mail it in a folder.
  • Include a table of contents or dividers.
  • Attach other financial statements or tax returns.
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