Pipelines are our business, safety is our priority.

Petroleum plays an important role in our daily lives. From the crayons children draw with, to your computer or lunchbox, and even the Kevlar protective wear that keep our police officers safe - petroleum products are the building blocks of these everyday items. The challenge is moving large amounts of product to the refineries, safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Pipelines are a safe and efficient way to transport crude oil and petroleum products to consumer markets. What you may not know is that oil equals energy. And moving energy through our pipeline system ensures that you have it when you need it: to drive your car, heat your home, or fly to visit your family. At Kinder Morgan Canada we own and operate pipelines that travel from rural areas through to large urban centres.

Knowing and understanding where pipelines are located, the government regulations for working in and around pipelines, and what to do in case of a pipeline emergency, all play an important role in ensuring pipeline safety.

In this section you will find information about our Canadian operations. For information on our American operations, please visit our US public awareness section.