Transportation Pipelines

Transportation Pipeline MapKinder Morgan CO2 Company, L.P. owns interests in CO2 pipelines that deliver more than 1.6 BCFD to the Permian Basin, Utah, and Oklahoma. Kinder Morgan CO2 is proud to be a part of this extensive transportation network serving these areas.

Denver City, Texas, is the world's largest CO2 hub, distributing gas from the Cortez Pipeline, having a capacity of 1.2 BCFD to 1.3 BCFD and providing supply from the McElmo Dome and Doe Canyon fields in Southwest Colorado, the Bravo Pipeline and the Sheep Mountain Pipeline. A cadre of delivery lines carries the gas from Denver City to the 40+ fields presently under CO2 flood in the Permian Basin.

When you work with Kinder Morgan CO2, you are working with the premier supplier and transporter of high quality CO2.