Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

For over 60 years, the Trans Mountain Pipeline system has been safely and efficiently providing the only West Coast pipeline access for Canadian oil products. From the time when Trans Mountain was first constructed, the pipeline system has adapted to meet the growing needs of customers.

Trans Mountain was most recently expanded in 2008 as part of the Anchor Loop Project. Approximately 158 km of pipeline was twinned between Hinton, Alberta and Hargreaves, British Columbia. The meticulous efforts of those who contributed to the project earned our organization the Emerald Award for leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Our open season process, conducted from fall 2011 to fall 2012, received strong binding support from commercial customers, and as a result, we moved forward with the next steps with a proposal to expand the pipeline.  In January 2013, new long-term contracts were signed by 13 committed customers, permitting us to update and increase the scope of the proposed project.

Extensive engagement has taken place in communities and along the proposed route and marine corridor. We have engaged in open and meaningful discussions with landowners, Aboriginal groups, communities and stakeholders and will continue to do so throughout the project timeline. In addition, we undertook socio-economic and environmental assessments and engineering studies, the results of the studies and discussions have formed the basis of the Facilities Application to the National Energy Board (NEB).

Trans Mountain filed this comprehensive application with the NEB on December 16, 2013. Filing of the application initiated a regulatory review of the proposed expansion facilities. If the regulatory application process is successful, construction of the new pipeline could begin in 2016. The expanded pipeline would be operational in late 2018.

Our engagement efforts will continue beyond this filing leading up to the NEB hearing as we consider further input that is critical to our planning on this project.

We recognize that building and operating infrastructure such as pipelines impact many along the route, and we respect our neighbors and the communities where we operate. We are proud of our extensive history, demonstrated commitment to safe and reliable operations, and relationships with all who are affected by our business.

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Project Preliminary Scope

  • Projected capital cost $5.4 billion
  • Twinning the existing pipeline, where possible, within the existing right-of-way between Strathcona County, Alberta to Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Adding new pump stations along the route
  • Increasing the number of storage tanks at existing facilities
  • Increasing capacity from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day (bpd)
  • Expanding Westridge Marine Terminal

News Release - December 16, 2013 - Trans Mountain Files Facilities Expansion Application with the National Energy Board

News Release - January 10, 2013
News Release – April 12, 2012

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