Cochin Reversal Project

Cochin Pipeline

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners has completed a successful binding open season for its Cochin Reversal project which will allow the company to offer a new service to move light condensate from Kankakee County, Ill., to existing terminal facilities near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. The project involves Kinder Morgan modifying the western leg of its Cochin Pipeline to connect to Explorer Pipeline Company’s pipeline in Kankakee County and to reverse the product flow to move the condensate northwest to Fort Saskatchewan. During the open season, Kinder Morgan received more than 100,000 barrels per day of board-approved binding commitments for a minimum 10-year term.

Subject to the timely receipt of necessary regulatory approvals and necessary capital improvements, light condensate shipments could begin as early as July 1, 2014. Based upon hydraulic models which were refined during the open season, the project is currently expected to provide approximately 95,000 barrels per day of light condensate capacity on Cochin, providing a new source of supply to meet the growing demand for this product.