Project Summary
  Project Map
  FERC Information
    -FERC Pre-filing Request
    -December 2008 Submittal
       (RR 1 and RR 10)

    -Other Filed Reports
    -Draft Environmental        Report
    -FERC Certificate

    -Supplemental Filings to
       FERC Certificate

    -Responses to Data        Requests
    -Winterization Plan
    -Status Reports
  New Jersey Highlands
    -Applicability Determination

    -Need for Incremental
       Pipeline Capacity

    -Project Narrative
  Project Open Season
  For Contractors and
   Sub Contractors

Status Reports

The project's prior status reports for 2010 and 2011 are available through the FERC's website,, through eLibrary, Docket No. CP09-444-000.