Northeast Energy Direct Project (NED)

NED Project Map
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (TGP), a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, is developing the Northeast Energy Direct Project (NED) by upgrading infrastructure in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut to help meet increased demand for natural gas, reduce energy costs, and create jobs. To learn more about the NED Project, visit

Project Benefits:
  • Liberates costly bottlenecks and lowers gas/electric prices for consumers, saving households hundreds of dollars each year
  • Supplies Northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada with incremental and direct access to prolific and regional, low-cost, abundant natural gas
  • Replaces declining historical gas sources
  • Designed to serve:
    • New and existing gas and power generation markets along TGP’s existing footprint,
    • Markets on the Algonquin system via M&NP HubLine and Mendon,
    • Eastern Canadian, Upstate/Downstate New York and southern Connecticut markets via Iroquois,
    • Maine and Atlantic Canada Markets via M&NP/PNGTS Joint Facilities,
    • Additional broad New England markets via existing / expanding interconnections,
    • New markets where gas service is currently unavailable
  • Approximately 91% of the NED Market Path Mainline would be co-located along existing utility corridors/adjacent to TGP mainline. The total project (both Supply and Market Path Components) would be 85% co-located.
  • Supply Path scalable up to 1.2 Bcf/d and Market Path scalable up to 1.3 Bcf/d

NED helps sustain electric grids, reduce emissions, lower energy costs, and spur economic growth region-wide.

Planned in-service 2018