Tennessee Gas Pipeline - 300 Line

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (Tennessee) has increased the capacity of its 300 Line to transport new diversified natural gas supplies, including newly accessed Appalachian and Marcellus shale gas to serve the growing demand for interstate natural gas transmission service in the northeastern United States. Through its 300 Line Project, Tennessee installed seven looping segments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey totaling approximately 127 miles of 30-inch pipeline, and added approximately 55,000 horsepower following the installation of two new compressor stations and upgrades at seven existing compressor stations.

The company constructed the additional HP at two new compressor stations located in northwestern Pennsylvania, at two existing compressor stations in Pennsylvania, and at an existing compressor station in New Jersey. Tennessee also upgraded or restaged compressors at three existing stations. In addition, to capture efficiencies and increase reliability, Tennessee replaced the horsepower at four of the previously mentioned existing compressor stations.

Tennessee has been serving the northeastern United States for more than fifty years. The success of this Project will continue to build upon Tennessee’s long tradition of providing reliable energy service to the region. The Project will support Tennessee’s commitment to serve growing markets with safe and reliable deliveries of natural gas.

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