Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, L.P. owns interests in CO2 pipelines that deliver more than 1.6 BCFD to the Permian Basin, Utah, and Oklahoma. Kinder Morgan CO2 is proud to be a part of this extensive transportation network serving these areas.

Denver City, Texas, is the world’s largest CO2 hub, distributing gas from the Cortez Pipeline, having a capacity of 1.2 BCFD to 1.3 BCFD and providing supply from the McElmo Dome and Doe Canyon fields in Southwest Colorado, the Bravo Pipeline and the Sheep Mountain Pipeline. A cadre of delivery lines carries the gas from Denver City to the 40+ fields presently under CO2 flood in the Permian Basin.

When you work with Kinder Morgan CO2, you are working with the premier supplier and transporter of high quality CO2.