Office of the Chairman
Richard D. Kinder
Chairman and CEO
Steven J. Kean
President and COO
Kimberly Allen Dang
Vice President and CFO

Operating Officers
Ian Anderson
President, Kinder Morgan Canada
Tom Martin
President, Natural Gas Pipelines
Ron McClain
President, Products Pipelines
John W. Schlosser
President, Terminals
Jesse Arenivas
President, CO2
Corporate Officers
Anthony B. Ashley
Vice President and Treasurer
Gary L Bohnsack
Vice President and Controller
Patrick Bourgoyne
Vice President, Internal Audit
David R. DeVeau
Vice President and General Counsel
Mark Huse
Vice President and CIO
David P. Michels
Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations
Jordan H. Mintz
Vice President and Chief Tax Officer
Larry S. Pierce
Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
Dax Sanders
Vice President, Corporate Development
Lisa Shorb
Vice President, Human Resources, Administration and Information Technology